What is the Center for Prenatal Pediatrics

The Center for Prenatal Pediatrics, a program created in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, is dedicated to helping pregnant women and their families after a significant birth defect or genetic condition has been detected. The term “Prenatal Pediatrics” illustrates the principle that caring for babies with abnormalities starts before birth and continues afterwards with neonatal and long-term pediatric follow-up.

At the Center, we are committed to making sure that women and their unborn baby are cared for with the most sensitive, complete, up-to-date information and testing to get the best picture of what to expect during pregnancy, at delivery, and/or after birth. The philosophy of the Center for Prenatal Pediatrics is that prenatal and neonatal care, education, and research are best accomplished through a collaborative effort. Health care professionals in multiple departments throughout Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital work together to ensure the patients’ program of care encompasses all diagnostic, clinical and support services before and after birth.

Central to the success of the Center is the weekly multidisciplinary Prenatal Pediatrics conference in which each patient’s unique situation is presented and discussed to develop a consistent plan for the best management of the pregnancy and newborn period.

Each patient is unique and treated individually. The Center serves as a hub for both Obstetrical and Pediatric collaboration by coordinating appointments with specialists and striving to make sure that all questions are answered, concerns addressed, and voices are heard.